Where is my sentence?

For being able to use the language better, and understand it better, you need to learn new words.

He worked hard only to fail again.

Don't look so hurt.

It was very disturbing.

Did you go to see him?


I wish I could buy everything you wanted.

A lightweight sensor attached to alpine swifts reveals that the small migratory birds can remain aloft for more than 200 days without touching down.

Chew your food well so it can be digested properly.


It was very cool.

Holy crap, you're pissed off!

I wonder the same thing, bro.

I think I've understood.

I bark like a dog.


Japan will get it from many countries.

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I'll return as soon as I can.

I'm okay.

Ram started to say something, but Elizabeth stopped him.


I guess I'm spoiled.

Unfortunately, many people don't trust us anymore.

They shot him yesterday.

I want to do something that I can't do if I'm not pressed for time.

Everything depends on what you will do.

I don't want to become like them.

She looked surprised.

Jeannette isn't so smart.

Philip, this is exactly what we were talking about.

Let me sleep for ten more minutes.

I'm going to have to dye my hair.

Beasts are numerous as fuck in this forest.

Gigi's time is very valuable.

Hein wore a patch on his eye for several days.

That sounds right.

Some salt comes from mines, some from water.

They were moving.

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Was he still here when you arrived?


Mosquitoes in Minnesota are as big as storks.

The passion has burned itself out in him.

Listen to this.

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Was he in New York yesterday?

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I received some very bad news today.

I call on him every other day.

I can't get anybody to tell me anything.

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He gave witness to the truth of my statement.

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Ariel didn't cry that much.

The earthquake shook the houses.

Grant looks even more nervous than Harmon does.

It took a lot longer than I expected.

My sister has a job.

The money was stolen along with the bonds.

Kristi is OK now, isn't he?

They're original, go ahead, smell them. They smell original.

They didn't obey their parents.

I'll wait right outside.

Chuck told me that I could use his room.

My friend sent me a link to this video.

Now I understand that my mother was only trying to be polite in public.


Did Moses go alone?

What is man's ultimate destiny?

Rodent hid Tiefenthal's doll behind the door.

What brand and what color is the director's car?

Many consumers are concerned about the health risks of genetically modified food.

The crime was committed in cold blood.

Whatever you do don't leave the lid up on the toilet!

She is 35 years old and in the prime of life.

What was she doing here?

Come over to my house.

Take what you need.


I would like you to go home with me.


Some people are fascinated by shiny new things.

Kayvan lowered his voice so he wouldn't wake the baby.

Claude is wearing a new suit today.

This was avoidable.

Liber has a cast iron stomach. He can eat just about anything.

Francisco wouldn't lie to Dimitry.

I agree with some of your opinions.

Can you give us any more?

We're prepared to make our attempt.


Lead is a potent neurotoxin.

I consider myself lucky.

According to the TV, it will be fine today.


He never opens his mouth without complaining about something.

Del told Orville what had happened.

I couldn't think of a better place to have a picnic.

It is no easy task to write a letter.

I have to sell a lot of my things so I can pay all my bills.


Many mistakes could have been avoided through simple experiments.

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Quite frustrated, we saw our dreams disappear.


Fishing is prohibited here.


Human blood has the same colour everywhere.


Only the Portuguese language has mesoclises.

They called President Roosevelt a pirate.

You'd better shut the door.

There were flowers here.

I thought I'd never find you.

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Corn starch is good for thickening soup.

Grant doesn't seem to want our help.

Things don't just happen.

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Everyone loves puppets.


You'll be expected to dance with Jacobson.

I may be away for a couple of days.

Lievaart slept late.

He's as happy as a king.

I have no idea what either one of you are saying.

Ask whatever you want.

No wonder they have elected him chairman.

Following the accident he recovered quickly.

Little remains to be said.

Now, my boy, times have changed.

She knows a lot about the latest fashions.


If I didn't have money I wouldn't have a house.

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Jochen's birthday's coming up.

I have a desire to be wealthy.

He waters the flowers every day in summer.


The desire is the father of the thought.


I asked him to come with me.


Mahesh is obviously a beginner.


Children of six and above should attend school.

You won't have your way with me!

Beauty is altogether in the eye of the beholder.

I want to please you.

Many Americans love to watch reruns of the I Love Lucy show.

Shopkeepers boarded up their windows.

My brother can do a nice, steady lay-up.

He seems to have been rich before.

I wish Galen nothing but the best.

Unfortunately, I missed seeing the movie.

Why did I write all those letters?


Did he go there?

I didn't tell that guy my name.

Who else might it have been?


I have been knocked unconscious on four separate occasions.

Where are they going to go?

Once people traded furs for sugar here.


The man is anything but honest.

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He's two years older than me, but he's shorter.

Keep it down in there.

The cut will heal up in a few days.

Jeannette didn't want to come sailing with us.

I sincerely hope things improve for you.

I'm thinking of going abroad.

Frances always wanted to be a doctor, but his grades at school weren't quite good enough to get him into medical school.

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I know what you can do.

She has posters of her favorite bands on her walls.

Your hat's on backwards.

That seems irresponsible to me.

What's he hiding?

He is rich enough to buy the painting.

We must make up our minds, and soon!

Can I get you a beer or something?

I intended to study medicine in America.


I have to bone up on my physics.


Jean-Pierre is learning JavaScript.


I love dogs, though.

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Keith was stabbed 13 times.

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Pascal might talk to you.

They both don't like me.

How do you spend your time?

We will have a period of orientation for freshmen.

The person standing near the gate is Bernie.